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Welcome to my Little Big Adventure website!
This site is dedicated to LBA1 & LBA2 mods.
"Mods" are modifications to the game's resources (such as scenes, models, fonts, etc.).
Currently there are only font and text replacements available, but in the future it would also be possible to create complete mods thanks to yaz0r's TwinEngine.
If you want to create your own mods and don't know how, click here for a guide.

It is the year 2016! Wow, I feel like I'm speaking to you from the future. And it all thanks to Cody, who worked hard and translated LBA1 and LBA2 to Russian properly (and he even made two new Russian LBA fonts to go along with it). You can download it now from the "sets" section or get the texts and fonts seperately from the "text" and "fonts" sections.

Now that my site building knowledge has improved, I can clearly see this site is a wreck... but well, at least it works. Of course I will keep adding translations and dubbings whenever they come out!

If you're looking for a place to go, the MBN is the place. It's got an LBA modifications forum that is incredibly active, so don't miss out. There are dozens of new modding tools, all listed here - do check it out.

LBA1 in Hebrew and LBA2 in Hebrew are out! Get them here.


Magicball Network

The main LBA fan site. It has the only LBA community forum on the net, and it's very active! It also has an LBA modifications forum.


Litte Big Adventure for Windows. This is a Windows port of LBA1 (makes LBA1 a Windows application). This port is currently on a beta stage, but it's surely worth getting!

LBA at

All (and by all I mean all) other LBA links.


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