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Little Big Adventure - Hebrew Release #1

Little Big Adventure is a unique action-adventure 3D-isometric game from year 1994.
I, as you might have already guessed, love this game a lot. I love this game so much, that I decided to translate it to Hebrew. And so I did.

Running Little Big Adventure on Windows:
To run LBA1 on Windows, it's recommended to use the LbaWin program. Download LbaWin here.

If you downloaded the translation in an installation file (LBA1HebrewR1.exe):
Just follow the Hebrew instructions. If you see gibberish press the ">" button a couple of times, enter the game's path (for example C:\Games\LBA\LBA1), and press the button another 2 times.

If you downloaded the translation in a ZIP file (
Extract all files from the ZIP file to the game's local folder (overwrite existing files).

*Notice: In order to view the Hebrew, the game must be configured to display English text (and not French, German, Spanish or Italian).

Installation removal:
Copy RESS.HQR and TEXT.HQR from the game's CD to the game's local folder (overwrite existing files).

Full credits list:
Translation: Ido Beeri (that's me)
Proof-reading: Mor Shemesh (you made an excellent and diligent work, thank you!!), Merav Beeri (thanks mom!)
Programming: Kazimierz Król (thanks for the LBA Hebrew converter, without you who knows if the translation would've ever been published)
Moral support: All the good people from the Magicball Network forum

LBA programs I used:
Thanks Michiel "El Muerte" Hendriks for:
Thanks George "kargeor" Karnas for:
LBA Text
Thanks Kazimierz "Zink" Król for:
LBA Font Editor, LBA HQR Manager, LBA Text Editor, LBA Package Editor

Special thanks to Kazimierz "Zink" Król for:
LBA Hebrew Converter

Other programs I used:
Microsoft Notepad, Babylon translator, Hex Workshop, EditPlus

Also thanks to: Yoav Beeri, David Guerin, Vincent Hamm

Contact me:
Ido Beeri: